Bits of Facts About Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Asscher cut engagement rings

An important symbol just when you are about to propose is the engagement ring. Aside from the fact that your loved ones would keep a watchful eye over how you propose, another thing that is looked into and observed by a lot of curious eyes is the ring. This alone will let you have the idea that you really need to choose the ring wisely.

Aside from the fact that the ring is the most awaited item in proposals, this carries a lot of symbolism too. The ring along is a sign of a person’s never ending love for another. The gem on the other hand symbolizes the preciousness of that love.

One of the popular choices that one can grab is the Asscher cut engagement rings. It exudes all the meanings that a ring can give out. Plus, given the fact that the stone is made of diamonds mean how precious this kind of option is.

What is Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

This specific engagement ring is topped with a precious diamond with a distinctive cut. It nearly resembles an emerald cut diamond but with cropped corners to give it a distinct quality. This is specifically designed and started by the popular Royal Asscher Diamond Company which is headquartered in the Netherlands.

Where Did this Design Root?

Asscher cut engagement rings are named after its maker, the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. Before it has been established as a company, it has first started as a family business built by diamond cutters, the Asscher family.

This family is known for their prowess in carving diamonds. In fact, they have been royal diamond cutters and were tasked by a royal to cut the biggest diamond to ever exist. Luckily, the diamond has been cut flawlessly and each cut one came to be popular.

Later on, this business that has started in the 1800s has come to acquire the name the Royal Asscher Diamond Company in honor of a royal icon in the Netherlands.

Famous diamond cuts were named after the family then which has been passed through generations. In fact, the famous Royal Asscher cut is a new innovation to the original cut started by the family’s head. This new cut is specifically designed by the sons of the founder. This has then been patented which means that the company has sole rights for the design. The way this design has been made is also guided with new technology as the brothers have used computers to finally come up with the design that can reflect light effectively to let the design retain its brilliance while preserving the original form of this specific cut.

What Is Its Edge?

There are just two things that set these Asscher cut engagement rings aside from other conventional cuts – its beauty and light performance which all makes up a great looking diamond cut.

In terms of the physical looks of this specific cut, one can never really go wrong out of Asscher cut engagement rings. This is because it has that seemingly timeless beauty which has been proven to still be embraced by people since the time it has been introduced. It does have that art deco look too as evidenced by its stunning pyramid shaped appearance.

When it comes to light performance, this is also something to watch out for. The original design of the Asscher cut diamond engagement ring is already a brilliant one. This is why it has been loved by royals in the first place. But, its newly improved design has really stepped out for innovation’s sake. Instead of the original 58 facets, it is improved to 74 facets which means that it allows light reflection to be improved thus giving an improved brilliance too.

Why Choose Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

Aside from the fact that Asscher cut engagement rings are studded with diamonds which are considered precious, there are more to this specific ring that will delight your very eyes.

Its timeless beauty is probably one of the reasons why you should choose this ring for your proposal. The fact that this design has survived decades means that this design has never really died out. This makes it a precious gem that one can pass on from one generation to another.

Aside from its timeless beauty, another reason to choose Asscher cut engagement rings is its brilliance. It reflects light effectively that it appears radiant. This is because of its facets that are already been reflective. Plus, it has been improved which means that it goes to be more brilliant.

One will also be delighted to use a ring that will give a sense of exclusivity. This can be fortunately gotten by choosing Asscher cut engagement ring. This is so because this is the only diamond cut which is patented by the company. It is true that there are a lot of Asscher cut engagement rings available in the market nowadays but what continues to be patented is its Royal Asscher cut. Getting such ring may mean, you are getting that special deal. Of course, you might want your future bride to feel the same.

Who Wears Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

This specific cut has been made popular in engagement rings. There are a lot of famous stars already who have received the same cut for an engagement ring thus giving you another reason to choose it. Some of the known stars who have received such engagement ring design are Jessica Alba, Zooey Deschanel and Kate Hudson. If you want your future bride to be in line with these famous people, then you have the idea on the engagement ring to choose.

How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring?

Should you come to choose Asscher cut as the design of the gem on the engagement ring to be used when you propose there are still a lot of considerations to observe in order to get the ring that will serve your taste right.

If you are thinking that Asscher cut comes to have a single face, then you are thinking the other way. Truth is that this famous cut has been innovated which means that it has several forms. One is the conventional Asscher cut engagement ring that has been popularized by the Asscher company on its arly years. Another is the newly improved one that is developed by the Asscher brother later in the 90s. Plus, you will be faced with the choice of choosing one with halo or bare.

Where to Buy Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

It is said that as the years have passed and as the patent for the first Asscher cut engagement ring hs been lifted, there are several of this kind in the market already. But if you are looking for authentic designs made by its original maker, then there may be a need to search for the companies stores located on strategic places over the globe.

Aside from the Royal Asscher Diamond Company which is built in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, there are several branches too. One is in New York City which is known as the Royal Asscher of America. In Asia, there is also another branch that you can flood into – the Royal Asscher of Japan located in the big city Tokyo, Japan.

Basically, these are the stores where you can buy authentic Asscher cut engagement rings. But, it is said that some of the earliest forms of the ring has been passed on from generations to another which means that you can still spot these rings in families who have firstly grabbed the patented ones. Plus, there are in store diamond cuts akin to this one available in the market. But generally, if you want to get the real thing, visit the stores mentioned above.

Tips on How to Save When Buying Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Diamonds are generally expensive gems to stud a ring with but there is a way to guard your money while choosing this cut. One is to buy only on reputable stores. As you may come to see, this is the only diamond cut that is patented by a single company which means that you can never find original ones in other stores other than the ones built by the company itself. Of course, you will really feel bad about spending on unauthentic products so there is a need to keep a watchful eye.

There is a need to go for in store purchases too in order to save. Diamonds carry a very expensive freight fee considering the need for insurance. Of course, this is an additional burden to you which means that there is a good deal over buying the item in store. This will also save you from paying for items that might come be lost or damaged while the product is delivered.


These are the simple bits of facts that you need to remember when you are considering Asscher cut engagement ring for your proposal. This is already a precious cut though that will surely leave you without regrets to make sure that your proposal goes smooth.


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