Design Your Own Engagement Ring for a Personal Touch

Everyone has different tastes and there are numerous options available; but some people still have trouble finding a ring to their liking. If you are one of those people, consider the option to design your own engagement ring. There are many rings you may like but the stone doesn’t meet your expectations. Being able to design your own engagement ring gives you the option of choosing the stone and the setting.

Many jewelers offer the option to choosing a setting, then selecting the stone you wish to have mounted. Some people will even have the ring itself designed exclusively for them before having a stone placed in it, which is a personal way to do it.

Others may have a ring with sentimental value attached and just want a new or replacement stone mounted. Most jewelers will accommodate this as you design your own engagement ring, provided the chosen stone will fit into the mount.

Expense Rises as Options Vary

If your budget is not a concern, you can have the ring specially designed and the have the stone cut to fit your personal expectations. Remember, however, this is a very expensive process, especially if you are having a diamond cut to suit your tastes.

Should you choose to design your own engagement ring you may want to consider cubic zirconia or moissanite as an alternative to diamonds. This could lower the cost even though cubic zirconia is being thought of as a poor replacement for diamonds. Moissanite, however is closer to diamonds as far as strength and brilliance, but still falls short on clarity.

One thing to remember when you are designing the ring is the durability of the stone. Pearls and opals are rarely used in engagement rings due to their softness. Some women do not appreciate the brilliance of diamonds in a ring so you can choose sapphires, rubies or emeralds to add color.

The band itself should also be considered with some people shying away from white gold, believing it to be a cheap alternative. Actually, an 18 carat gold ring has the same weight of gold in it as does an 18 carat white gold band. The difference is in the alloy mixed with the gold. Gold rings may be 75 per cent gold mixed with copper and zinc, while white gold would be 75 per cent gold mixed with silver or palladium. Gold content remains the same, but the alloy is different.

Why Does Designing Your Own Engagement Ring Make it More Special?

Any gift in which a lot of thought has been put automatically becomes more precious than an ordinary gift, even if the cost is three times the value of the former one. This is because in the first instance it shows that the person cares so much that he or she took the trouble to find something that gives you the greatest possible pleasure. This also shows the other person’s commitment and love.

When you design that engagement ring, you are telling her that she is priceless to you and no amount of pain would really matter, as long as she is happy. Any girl would melt at the sight of a engagement ring designed especially for her.


Create Your Own Custom Made Wedding Rings

Sam Smith looks at the pros and cons of creating your own wedding ring.

Have you been searching for the perfect wedding ring? Many people spend hours and hours shopping for the perfect wedding ring only to end up very discouraged. Often they can not find the ring they want or if the can it is out of their price range. The simplest solution to this dilemma is to create your own wedding ring.

Wedding rings are very important to a couple who have taken the step and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. The wedding ring is the outer physical symbol of this agreement or pact that the couple has made to each other. The ring is a symbol for the vows a couple has taken. Since it is the outward symbol of the marriage it is very important to choose a wedding ring carefully and to find exactly what you want. That is why creating your own wedding ring is often the best option. It is easy, can save you a great deal of money and you will have a unique symbol that the two of you share.

This article will list some of the top reasons you should consider getting a custom wedding ring instead of buying a stock ring from a store.

Custom made wedding rings are Unique
That is right by designing your own ring with a professional ring designer you can ensure that your rings are unique. In fact you will be the only two people in the world to have that exact ring and that exact design. What better symbol of your love to show off to the world then having your own unique wedding ring. Believe me you will get compliments on your ring everywhere you go. People are often amazed that you can even make your own rings and love the uniqueness of the designs.

Custom made wedding rings are Personalised
In creating your own wedding ring you can personalise the design to fit your tastes and even contain secret symbols or messages to each other. If you have a favorite style of ring or artistic style, colors or other thing that you would like to include in the design the jeweler will be glad to consult with you and help you incorporate the design into your ring. For example a lot of people really love the deep symbolism of Celtic knot work since this is a knot tied with one piece of rope and it is never ends it is a continuous knot that runs forever. A lot of people really love this symbolism and love wear a customer made unique wedding ring that has these types of symbols in them. It brings a lot of significance to the ring.

Mutual Agreement
In making your own wedding ring you will come to a mutual agreement on the design and it is an experience that you will always share together. When you sit down with the designer you can both share your ideas openly and talk about the significance of the ring for each of you. Then the designer can work with these ideas and your suggestions and create something that will embody all of these things. It is wonderfully to wear a ring that was created from a joint experience you both had and not just some stock designer ring that holds no meaning or no experience or significance behind it.

This is the best part for many people just getting married. By designing your own ring you are usually reducing the cost of the rings. You see most rings are created by some famous wedding ring designer and the price is based on the popularity of the designer. However, the average person has no idea who these famous wedding ring designers are anyway. So even though you spend a great deal of money on a wedding ring by a well known artist chances are most people will have no idea. However, by making your own ring there is no designer label or name behind it and therefore the costs is often cut in half or even more! Not only that chances are the most people will have no idea who the designer is of a certain ring they will definitely notice you have a unique one of a kind ring!

My wife and I decided to get a custom designed engagement and wedding ring set when we were engaged. Not only that we had the designer work with us to incorporate the feeling of the wedding ring into the design of the grooms or men’s ring also. So now they look like a perfect matching pair of rings! Just think we saved over 65% by purchasing this way at the same time as ending up with unique rings. You really can not go wrong in designing your own wedding ring.

Confused how to select your diamond engagement rings

If you love someone then you would like to give her the best gift and there is no gift much better than diamond engagement rings. You can find different sorts of rings in the marketplace but diamond ring has something special. Even although, it might price you more than your spending budget but it will usually remind your love simply because diamond is forever. Diamond is the symbol of royalty, property and wealth. If you give so many issues in only one single ring then you ought to be careful about choosing your diamond engagement rings. Some important moments in no way come in your life again and again. You should be ready and prepared to do some important homework although choosing beneficial items in your life.

There are a number of factors you can read about just before acquiring your diamond engagement rings. Maybe you forget some of them, so I am mentioning few of them. If you are purchasing your diamond for the 1st time then you ought to be sure that you are buying the real diamond. There are a lot of nearby diamond shops dealing in fake diamonds. These fake diamonds are prepared or produced with a substance which creates great shining. If you hold genuine diamond in one hand and the fake one in other hand, you can not image and tell which one is actual. There are distinct set of parameters and standards which can assist you find actual diamond engagement rings.

When you acquire diamond engagement rings you ought to know about what is the clarity. There are different kinds of clarities and you ought to know about them so that you have real value for your money. If you know more about the clarity then you will be able to find how flawless your diamond is and what ought to be the proper cost for that. You know there are various grades to see the clarity of diamond. If you want the best diamond engagement rings then you really should find F or IF grades because they are the best as they offer the best clarity. They are high-priced or costlier than other grades simply because they give you the best results.

You can obtain your diamond engagement rings with the following grades which consist of SI, VS, VVS, IF, F which represent slightly include, very slightly, very-very slightly, internally flawless and flawless respectively. As you know that diamonds are extremely pricey due to which they can not be measured with regular measuring standards. They are measured by means of carat. Carat is the smallest unit of measuring the diamond. If you are purchasing big diamond engagement rings, it indicates they have more carats. The smaller the carat, the cheap your diamond will be.

Choosing a Wedding Ring – Which material?

The big day has been set, and now you have tons of wedding preparations to attend to – preparing the guest list, looking for a caterer, shopping for the perfect wedding dress, and a lot more. All of these are essential in putting together a memorable wedding, so remember to have all these on your wedding checklist. Also do remember to include on the top of your checklist, choosing a perfect wedding ring.

Selecting a wedding ring is not as easy as it looks. It requires much thought, too. After all, it is the wedding band that binds the couple together and will be worn by the bride and groom for their entire married life, and therefore must be something that they would not get tired of wearing.

Most important when choosing a wedding ring set is to decide on a budget. The couple should consider how much they could afford to spend for the wedding rings. Based on this budget that the couple have in mind, decide on the material they want their wedding bands to be made of.

The materials from which wedding rings can be made of have evolved through the years. However, the most popular are still those made from classic 14K or 18K yellow gold. Gold rings remain to be very popular both for wedding and engagement.

Wedding rings made from white gold are also gaining popularity, it being very stylish-looking and exuding a very modern aura. Also, white gold goes well with other silver and platinum jewelry, as well as with most clothing fabric.

Platinum being one of the hardest metals is also a very suitable material for a wedding ring. For one, it is very durable and therefore will endure wear and tear for a very long time. Platinum wedding rings may also be a symbol for enduring love that is if couple wanted a romantic twist in picking a wedding ring. Platinum rings looking very similar with rings made of white gold looks very stylish and elegant. However, platinum wedding rings are the most expensive, but if the couple considers the fact that it is something that will last them a lifetime, then the cost probably would not really matter.

Titanium is a popular material especially for wedding rings for men. It is light, long lasting, and is not as expensive as platinum. Titanium wedding rings are similar to white gold rings in appearance. The only different is that titanium wedding rings are so light you can hardly feel it when worn on your finger.

As for the wedding ring style to choose, there are the traditional plain bands, the more elaborate ones with beaded edges. There are also the modern designs of two-tone wedding bands. The Celtic wedding rings engraved with ancient knot work are also hot these days. Solitaire rings with a precious stone are also classic designs for wedding bands.

Often times, the bride may want to match her wedding ring with the engagement ring. Of course, this is also something that has to be taken into consideration, especially is she wants to wear both rings on the same hand.

In choosing for a wedding ring, foremost consider your budget and then decide on the material. Also, having to wear your wedding bands for a really long time, it is also worth considering choosing something that would best work with your clothes and the other jewelry you usually wear. Above all, choose a wedding ring that you will be most comfortable in wearing.

Bits of Facts About Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Asscher cut engagement rings

An important symbol just when you are about to propose is the engagement ring. Aside from the fact that your loved ones would keep a watchful eye over how you propose, another thing that is looked into and observed by a lot of curious eyes is the ring. This alone will let you have the idea that you really need to choose the ring wisely.

Aside from the fact that the ring is the most awaited item in proposals, this carries a lot of symbolism too. The ring along is a sign of a person’s never ending love for another. The gem on the other hand symbolizes the preciousness of that love.

One of the popular choices that one can grab is the Asscher cut engagement rings. It exudes all the meanings that a ring can give out. Plus, given the fact that the stone is made of diamonds mean how precious this kind of option is.

What is Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

This specific engagement ring is topped with a precious diamond with a distinctive cut. It nearly resembles an emerald cut diamond but with cropped corners to give it a distinct quality. This is specifically designed and started by the popular Royal Asscher Diamond Company which is headquartered in the Netherlands.

Where Did this Design Root?

Asscher cut engagement rings are named after its maker, the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. Before it has been established as a company, it has first started as a family business built by diamond cutters, the Asscher family.

This family is known for their prowess in carving diamonds. In fact, they have been royal diamond cutters and were tasked by a royal to cut the biggest diamond to ever exist. Luckily, the diamond has been cut flawlessly and each cut one came to be popular.

Later on, this business that has started in the 1800s has come to acquire the name the Royal Asscher Diamond Company in honor of a royal icon in the Netherlands.

Famous diamond cuts were named after the family then which has been passed through generations. In fact, the famous Royal Asscher cut is a new innovation to the original cut started by the family’s head. This new cut is specifically designed by the sons of the founder. This has then been patented which means that the company has sole rights for the design. The way this design has been made is also guided with new technology as the brothers have used computers to finally come up with the design that can reflect light effectively to let the design retain its brilliance while preserving the original form of this specific cut.

What Is Its Edge?

There are just two things that set these Asscher cut engagement rings aside from other conventional cuts – its beauty and light performance which all makes up a great looking diamond cut.

In terms of the physical looks of this specific cut, one can never really go wrong out of Asscher cut engagement rings. This is because it has that seemingly timeless beauty which has been proven to still be embraced by people since the time it has been introduced. It does have that art deco look too as evidenced by its stunning pyramid shaped appearance.

When it comes to light performance, this is also something to watch out for. The original design of the Asscher cut diamond engagement ring is already a brilliant one. This is why it has been loved by royals in the first place. But, its newly improved design has really stepped out for innovation’s sake. Instead of the original 58 facets, it is improved to 74 facets which means that it allows light reflection to be improved thus giving an improved brilliance too.

Why Choose Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

Aside from the fact that Asscher cut engagement rings are studded with diamonds which are considered precious, there are more to this specific ring that will delight your very eyes.

Its timeless beauty is probably one of the reasons why you should choose this ring for your proposal. The fact that this design has survived decades means that this design has never really died out. This makes it a precious gem that one can pass on from one generation to another.

Aside from its timeless beauty, another reason to choose Asscher cut engagement rings is its brilliance. It reflects light effectively that it appears radiant. This is because of its facets that are already been reflective. Plus, it has been improved which means that it goes to be more brilliant.

One will also be delighted to use a ring that will give a sense of exclusivity. This can be fortunately gotten by choosing Asscher cut engagement ring. This is so because this is the only diamond cut which is patented by the company. It is true that there are a lot of Asscher cut engagement rings available in the market nowadays but what continues to be patented is its Royal Asscher cut. Getting such ring may mean, you are getting that special deal. Of course, you might want your future bride to feel the same.

Who Wears Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

This specific cut has been made popular in engagement rings. There are a lot of famous stars already who have received the same cut for an engagement ring thus giving you another reason to choose it. Some of the known stars who have received such engagement ring design are Jessica Alba, Zooey Deschanel and Kate Hudson. If you want your future bride to be in line with these famous people, then you have the idea on the engagement ring to choose.

How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring?

Should you come to choose Asscher cut as the design of the gem on the engagement ring to be used when you propose there are still a lot of considerations to observe in order to get the ring that will serve your taste right.

If you are thinking that Asscher cut comes to have a single face, then you are thinking the other way. Truth is that this famous cut has been innovated which means that it has several forms. One is the conventional Asscher cut engagement ring that has been popularized by the Asscher company on its arly years. Another is the newly improved one that is developed by the Asscher brother later in the 90s. Plus, you will be faced with the choice of choosing one with halo or bare.

Where to Buy Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

It is said that as the years have passed and as the patent for the first Asscher cut engagement ring hs been lifted, there are several of this kind in the market already. But if you are looking for authentic designs made by its original maker, then there may be a need to search for the companies stores located on strategic places over the globe.

Aside from the Royal Asscher Diamond Company which is built in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, there are several branches too. One is in New York City which is known as the Royal Asscher of America. In Asia, there is also another branch that you can flood into – the Royal Asscher of Japan located in the big city Tokyo, Japan.

Basically, these are the stores where you can buy authentic Asscher cut engagement rings. But, it is said that some of the earliest forms of the ring has been passed on from generations to another which means that you can still spot these rings in families who have firstly grabbed the patented ones. Plus, there are in store diamond cuts akin to this one available in the market. But generally, if you want to get the real thing, visit the stores mentioned above.

Tips on How to Save When Buying Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Diamonds are generally expensive gems to stud a ring with but there is a way to guard your money while choosing this cut. One is to buy only on reputable stores. As you may come to see, this is the only diamond cut that is patented by a single company which means that you can never find original ones in other stores other than the ones built by the company itself. Of course, you will really feel bad about spending on unauthentic products so there is a need to keep a watchful eye.

There is a need to go for in store purchases too in order to save. Diamonds carry a very expensive freight fee considering the need for insurance. Of course, this is an additional burden to you which means that there is a good deal over buying the item in store. This will also save you from paying for items that might come be lost or damaged while the product is delivered.


These are the simple bits of facts that you need to remember when you are considering Asscher cut engagement ring for your proposal. This is already a precious cut though that will surely leave you without regrets to make sure that your proposal goes smooth.